Understanding your goals

Whether moving from your first house or downsizing after the kids have moved out we will be able to help. We will assess your finances and gain an understanding of your goals. This will allow us to provide the best advice for you, along with the best rate from the whole of market.

Other factors to consider

How much and how long do you have on your current mortgage?

It’s important to consider that you will be offered extended terms, but if clearing your mortgage is a priority you may want to avoid borrowing more than you currently do.

How much will moving cost you?

You need to ensure that you consider the cost of hiring a moving van, refurnishing and any work the house you are moving to may need.

How much will your estate agent charge?

Estate agents typically charge 1–1.5% but you need to confirm the rate with your Estate Agent. The rate shouldn’t be the only reason to choose an Estate Agent but it is a major consideration.
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