Moving house is an exciting event – a different house, a new area and, potentially, a different village, town or city really signals the start of a new chapter in your life. However, moving house is not without its difficulties. Making sure that you have everything in order for the big day ensures your move is as stress free as possible.

One month before…

  • ⃝ Get removals quotes and book your chosen firm.
  • ⃝ Research your new area to familiarise yourself with local news and facilities.
  • ⃝ Order packing materials – your removal company might be able to help.
  • ⃝ Check if your insurance policy covers your move. If not, your removals company might be able to provide cover.
  • ⃝ Make a full inventory of your possessions to help you keep track of them during the move.
  • ⃝ Have a clear out! Moving house can be the best time to clear out unwanted possessions because most removal companies charge by the volume.
  • ⃝ Book the time off work.
  • ⃝ Order any furnishings you need for your new home.
  • ⃝ Start to clear out the loft, shed and any other storage spaces.

Two weeks before…

  • ⃝ Inform utilities companies about your move.
  • ⃝ Complete the Post Office mail redirection form.
  • ⃝ Start packing non-essential items, such as decorations.
  • ⃝ Book people to carry out any other services you need, cleaners for instance.
  • ⃝ Organise someone to look after any pets and childcare on the day.

One week before…

  • ⃝ Put any essential items such as passports and insurance documents in a safe place. Make sure you know where they are at all times when you are packing up your house.
  • ⃝ Tell your local council and ask for a statement on your council tax.
  • ⃝ Send out an email or cards to inform your friends and family about your change of address.
  • ⃝ Prepare a box of moving day essentials.
  • ⃝ Try to do as much of your packing as you can. Leaving it until the last minute could make your move a lot more hectic.
  • ⃝ Transfer into pots any plants you will be taking.
  • ⃝ Return any borrowed items.
  • ⃝ Find out when you need to collect keys from your estate agent.

The night before…

  • ⃝ Make sure you are fully packed and have carried out a final check of your property.
  • ⃝ Pack a night bag for your first night in your new home, so you don’t have to rummage through boxes looking for your toothbrush after a busy moving day.
  • ⃝ Ensure your mobile is fully charged.
  • ⃝ Pack together a kit of some key tools. Include a sharp knife to open boxes.

The big day…

  • ⃝ Record utility readings for water, electricity and gas.
  • ⃝ Strip the beds. Pack your bedding and any curtains you are taking with you.
  • ⃝ Lay down sheets to protect the floors.
  • ⃝ Label your boxes with what they contain and where they should go in your new home.
  • ⃝ One person should stay to check that the movers have packed your items correctly.
  • ⃝ Make sure the movers know where they are going! Printing out a route on Google Maps can be a good idea.
  • ⃝ One of you should aim to get to the property before the movers arrive to guide them in and show them where to put boxes.
  • ⃝ Check for any items damaged during the move before the movers leave.
  • ⃝ Ensure that the previous owners haven’t left anything.
  • ⃝ Check all keys work in the required locks.
  • ⃝ Plug in your electric appliances.
  • ⃝ Connect the dishwasher.
  • ⃝ Most importantly, don’t rush. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your new house won’t be fully sorted for some time. Leaving the unpacking for tomorrow and unwinding during your first evening can be a worthwhile choice.

When you’re settling in…

  • ⃝ Pay your stamp duty within 14 days of the sale, unless your solicitor has already paid it on your behalf.
  • ⃝ Take meter readings from the new property and contact utility companies.
  • ⃝ Get to know your neighbours and local area.

Find a PDF form of the checklist below.

Your Moving House Checklist