Clone Roses, Kazabian, The Smiths Ltd & Clint Boon

Last Saturday (6/7/19) the ‘From Manchester and Beyond’ gig was on at theLeeds o2 Academy which saw tribute bands for some of Manchester’s best bands the gig didn’t have many people in attendance, but the atmosphere was something special throughout the whole night.

Starting off the show, came out The Smiths Ltd kicking off the concert with their version of the popular song “Ask” which was a success with the majority of those in attendance. They then carry on amazing the crowd with a story Morrisey impersonator. But no it wasn’t Morrisey getting the attention no it was the Jonny Marr impressionist with the crowd chanting his name and no wonder why as one more line from Morrisey “No we wont be talking about politics tonight then sees Jonny’s Guitar scream out the opening cords to “This Charming Man” the classic track really had the few hundred people there jumping and made for an incredible atmosphere in the intermate show. They then finish there set with “Bigmouth Strikes Again” which topped off their full performance for someone who never had the opportunity to see The Smiths this must have been an accurate representation of what they were like just in a larger venue.

Then ex ‘Inspiral Carpet’ keys man ‘DJ Clint Boom’ came out and played to DJ in-between the acts playing what he called “indie classics” with tunes such as “Sometimes” by Scotsman Gerry Cinnamon and “Charlemagne” by Manchester band Blossoms who are both playing in Leeds later this year at Leeds ‘First Direct’ Arena sees Gerry Cinnamon perform in November and Leeds Festival has Blossoms on the line up for August this year at Bramham Park. The DJ’s choice of songs went well with the fans there as his use of modern and classic indie songs went well with the wide variety of fans in attendance.

The second band to come out and play their take of Manchester music is Kazabian, who plays again today (13/7/19) at Fake Fest in Roundhay Park, Leeds. They kick off their set with ‘Ill Ray (The King)’ which is Kasabian’s first song off their 2017 album ‘For Crying Out Loud’ and they really had the crowd bouncing from the start the set saw some classics such as ‘Club Foot’ ‘Underdog’ and ‘You’re in Love with a Psycho’ but none went off quite as well as the final song with Kazabians amazing cover of ‘Fire’ which saw a mosh pit of around 50- 100 people bouncing inside the small gig.

He came back for more did DJ Clint Boon as the stage crew set up for the arrival of “The Clone Roses” with an absolute banging classic Oasis’ “Rock ‘N’ Roll Star” which really set up the mood for the Roses but then he went on to play disco songs that got everyone up dancing for the young to the old… isn’t music just timeless? But then the indie music came back out with the addition of “What took you so long?” by the Courteeners.

Now the crowd was fully warmed up, ready for arguably and in my opinion the best band of all times! The song ‘Stoned Love’ by The Supremes plays as Reni, Mani, John Squire and Ian Brown impersonators are warmly welcomed onto the stage. They open with one of the Stone Roses biggest songs ‘I wanna be adored’. The band didn’t work off their setlist they asked for requests after most songs. The spontaneous setlist looked a bit like as follows: I wanna be adored; Mersey Paradise; Elephant Stone; Sally Cinnamon; Love Spreads; Ten Storey Love Song; (Song for My) Sugar Spun Sister; Elizabeth My Dear; Bye Bye Badman; Made of Stone; Waterfall; She bangs the drums; Fools Gold; This is the one; I Am the Resurrection. The ending track Resurrection is without a doubt the most success Stone Roses song as is said by many to be the best song ever recorded as the track has nearly reached an astonishing 45 million listens on Spotify for a track that was made way before the time Spotify was created. A special mention has to go out to when they played ‘Bye Bye Badman’ the atmosphere was incredible it was a moment I will never forget.

The gig all round was a success and represented the truth that it was trying to prove, Manchester is the greatest city on earth for creating musical geniuses such as The Stone Roses, The Smiths, Kasabian, The Courteeners and Oasis. The atmosphere was immense for such an intermate gig. The crowd was as lively and passionate as the acts on the stage and it honestly was close to seeing the real bands. I would recommend going to see one of these bands If you haven’t already.